School Bags- A threat to a children’s health

Kids today are left with no option but to carry heavy bags to school. In spite all the progress made in science and technology, the modern system of education has not found an option for students carrying heavy bags. Most children are not school stationery suppliers singapore strong enough to carry such a heavy load on their backs daily. According to Pediatricians, this will automatically lead to strained backs and necks in their growing age, as their shoulders are drawn down with the weight. Hence the only answer for parents is to find an alternative solution.


The most important factor for a parent is to choose the right kind of bag. A good quality bag should be a back pack, spacious enough so that all the books and stationery items can be placed in the given compartments and the load equally distributed along the strong muscles of the back and shoulder. The shoulder straps should be well padded, strong and adjustable so that it does not hurt. Nylon and canvas are the best materials for a bag as it is water proof and can avoid wear and tear and is more durable.

There may be regulations in certain schools as to the colour and design of the bag which have to be strictly followed; otherwise it can be left to the choice of the child. Children choose the school bag mainly based on the choice of their peer groups

Students are forced to carry heavy bags because most of the schools do not provide proper lockers for keeping their books. Hence lockers should be introduced in schools.

E-classrooms and visual learning for kids in this modern world of technology will reduce the burden of the school bag. If extra study material and assignments are given in the school itself, the burden of carrying extra books home for reference can the assignment can be avoided.


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